Month: August 2018

The Taste: Where to find Old Dominick this week [08.30]

This Saturday is an important day in Memphis and we’ll be kicking off the celebrations the night before with our friends at Choose901join us at the Distillery for Toast the 901!

Starting at 6 p.m., get some grub from food trucks Say Cheese, Stickem and Sushi Jimmi and enjoy live music by Chase Campbell and the Stax Music Academy Alumni Band. DJ JD gets the dance party started at 10 p.m. and we’ll have a complimentary midnight toast of Toddy for you to properly welcome 901 Day!

While you’re at the Distillery, be sure to grab a taste of the newest member of the Old Dominick family: Huling Station high-rye bourbon. It’s available in stores across the state of Tennessee now, so look for it at your favorite spirits shop. (Or come share a sip with us at the next Pure Memphis Music Series show featuring Alanna Royale!)

Nashville: We’re counting down the days til AmericanaFest, which kicks off in two weeks – we’ll see you at the Pure Memphis Happy Hour hosted by our friends at Music Export Memphis and featuring a line-up of Memphis Americana (including one of our favorites, the magical Talibah Safiya) and Old Dominick cocktails. The night before, Spotlight615 hosts its monthly songwriter showcase at Tin Roof on Broadway and we’ll be there with a few special cocktail offerings.

Chattanooga: we’re ready to party with you one week from tomorrow! Whether you’ve got tickets to the sold-out Moon River Festival or not, you’ll want to join us for the kick-off party at Southside Social on Friday, September 7. There’ll be music, drink specials and some special giveaways. And if you’re coming from Memphis for the festival, be sure to let us know! Use #MemphistoMoonRiver and you might just get rewarded with some cool prizes back home.

Share a Sip with Alex Castle 08.23.18

Now that the first releases from our R&D Series – Formula #6, an American Dry Gin, and Formula #10, a Southern Gin – have been in our retail store and behind the bars in some of your favorite spots in Memphis and Nashville for a few weeks, I wanted to share a peak behind the scenes from the development process for these spirits.

The Taste: Where to find Old Dominick this week [08.16]

We’re in countdown mode today, y’all – just one week to go until the fall season of our Pure Memphis Music Series kicks off with Harlan T. Bobo! Did you know (maybe you read it in the series announcement in The  Memphis Flyer) that we’re partnering with nonprofit co-hosts all season long? Big shout out to our first co-host, Memphis Slim House!

If you’re joining us for Harlan’s show next week, $5 from your ticket purchase is going to Slim House to support the awesome and important work they’re doing with musicians in Memphis, including providing access to studio and rehearsal space and their Front Loan, which gives artists access to capital for everything from album recording to tours. Take a second to learn more about them here, and if you haven’t grabbed your ticket yet, click here to reserve your seat!

(And if you’re excited about the full line-up, save some $$ and join us for all six shows with a season ticket!)

Over in the 615: we’ll be back on the plaza this Sunday for one final installment of Americana at The Ryman! We’ve also got your nightcap covered after the show – head to Kayne Prime from 7 to 10 p.m. August 19 for Old Dominick featured cocktails.

Next week, you can find us at Walden – head distiller Alex Castle will be there August 22 to guide you through a tasting of our R&D Series Gins! Grab all the info and RSVP right here.

Last but definitely not least – if you’re making the trek to Chattanooga from Memphis for Moon River Festival, let us know with #MemphisToMoonRiver and you might win some Old Dominick prizes back at home after the fest. We’ll even help you kick off your weekend Friday Sept. 7 with a party at Southside Social!

Share a Sip with Alex Castle 08.09.18

I’ve been writing a lot about whiskey on the blog so far, and I wanted to take a pause and send some love to two other special spirits in my life: our vodka(s) and the Memphis Toddy.

The Toddy and I have a love-hate relationship: I absolutely love to drink it, but it’s a very involved spirit to make. We use a high-rye bourbon that’s about four years old, and we combine it with hot water and add what are, essentially, giant tea bags! They’re mesh bags that we put all of the dried botanicals in – then they’re tied up so nothing can get out. The reasoning behind putting them in these bags, as opposed to just dropping everything directly into the bourbon and water mix, is that it allows it to steep without us having to filter out all those botanicals and huge chunks of orange peel.

We keep the bags in the bourbon mixture for about 18 hours – so, overnight, of course – and then we come in the next morning, remove all the bags and get all the dry ingredients out. By that point, each bag is pushing like 70 pounds because it’s absorbed so much liquid in that time! Dried citrus peels like to absorb a lot of water. Then, we add natural grapefruit extract and natural orange extract, because those provide a much brighter flavor than a dry peel does. The really bright notes that you first get when you taste the Toddy are from those extracts. So we add those, and we also add a fair amount of sugar. I won’t admit to how many pounds, but there is a fair amount of liquid sucrose that goes in! After that, filtering usually takes two days because cinnamon is such a fine dust, and you’ve got the citrus peels as well, and that’s why it’s so tedious. You have a blending process that’s already two days long and then another two days for filtering on top of it. But then, it’s ready to bottle!

For our vodkas, the process is very different. What I think most people don’t realize about making a spirit like a vodka is just the time that actually goes into it. It’s not a faucet that you turn on and vodka just magically comes out. For us, the process actually takes about a week or a week and a half from start to finish.

We mill the grain, then cook it, then let it ferment for three to five days. And then that fermenter, that distiller’s beer, has to go through what we call our whiskey system. It’s our little 70-gallon doubler. That process gets us to 130 proof, and we have to get up to 190 at least. So the next day you take that and spend another nine to twelve hours distilling it from 130 to 190-194 proof.

If you want to get an even deeper understanding of how these spirits are made, you should come see us for a Distillery tour. And the Toddy has a story that’s pretty special – you can read more about it here.

The Taste: Where to find Old Dominick this week [08.02]

If you’re enjoying live music across the state of Tennessee in the next few weeks, there’s a good chance it’s spirited by Old Dominick! Here are just a few opportunities to Share a Sip with us…

In Nashville, don’t miss the Americana at the Ryman series – it’s happening on Sunday evenings at the Mother Church through August 19, and we’ll be on the plaza for the pre-party with some swag and giveaways! If you can’t be there in person, live vicariously through our Instagram story. (And if you can stop by the plaza, you just might win your way to the next week’s concert…)

Just a stone’s throw from the Ryman, you can also find us spiriting Live at Puckett’s! Head down to Church Street for their Sunday showcase, or hit the Franklin location for their new Hitmakers series on Saturdays.

And of course, we’re counting down the minutes until we’ll be in Chattanooga for Moon River – save the date for September 7 and join us at Southside Social to kick off the weekend! We’ll be sharing more details in the next few weeks, but you can count on drink specials and you just might go home with some OD swag. (And hey, Memphis folks – if you’re making the trek to Chattanooga, we definitely want to see you! Share your journey with #MemphisToMoonRiver and come see us at Southside for a chance to win prizes.)

Last but not least – back in Memphis, our Pure Memphis Music Series begins its fall season on August 23! Thanks to The Memphis Flyer for announcing the line-up this week. Click the links below to buy tickets to each show and learn about our nonprofit co-hosts. Don’t forget, new this fall, you can grab a season ticket at a discounted rate to join us for all six shows!