We at Old Dominick are proud of our Pure Memphis roots and strive to evolve the overall downtown Memphis experience by supporting those who work to better our city. As we kickoff our Pure Memphis digital series, highlighting organizations that are committed to a better Memphis, we are pleased to shed light on the efforts of our pals at Creative Works.

Who They Are:

Located downtown in the Emerge Building, Creative Works started as a design and creativity conference in October 2014. By May 2016, they were able to become a year-round organization with regular programming. It is their mission to build an ecosystem that grows and elevates the Memphis creative community in order to accelerate cultural and economic change. They’re a nonprofit organization fiercely focused on the power that design and creativity can have in people’s lives.

Why downtown? What downtown means to them:

Creative culture thrives in vibrancy and activity. Downtown is the heart of Memphis, and the density of people and amenities foster collaboration and creative collisions.

Initiatives they’re doing to better Memphis:

Whether it’s bringing over 400 people to downtown Memphis for the national Creative Works Conference every October, setting up a free Branding 101 workshop for 75 people on a Sunday, teaching a 12-week Design Bootcamp for adults, hosting a monthly meet-up for anyone interested in the creative community, or teaching creativity and design to 7th and 8th graders at Grizzlies Prep, they’re wholeheartedly committed to educating and exposing a broader audience of people to the power of a connected creative community.

How they define Pure Memphis:

To Creative Works, Pure Memphis is all about authenticity. This is a city that doesn’t make time for imitators. But if you’re true about who you are, what you do, and why you do it, Memphis will give you its support and respect.

What Old Dominick means to them:

We have to take a moment to appreciate the Old Dominick commitment to craft, quality, detail, and above all – Memphis. Each Creative Works Conference has its own theme, and the very first conference was, “Commit to Craft”. Old Dominick is a daily reminder of what a successful brand looks like when you fully commit to craft. We’re proud to share this commitment with a brand that has so heavily invested in the continued growth and future success of our city.