Who They Are:

Located at the top floor of The Cadre Building, Envision Fitness is a 9,600 square foot full-service fitness center. Their community of 170+ members and staff work 7 days a week to create an environment where anyone can be accepted, respected and encouraged to work hard at an intensity level they decide is appropriate for their needs and goals. In addition to providing free weights, cardio and boxing equipment, and over 20 group exercise classes a week, they encourage their members and staff to approach fitness as one part of a path to a better quality of life. Competition is fun, and we love to challenge each other, but the number one reason to work out is to feel better. Comparing ourselves to others is rarely productive, so we believe in providing an environment where doing your best is good enough. We strive to meet members where they are physically and mentally to help them push themselves without getting discouraged or giving up.

Why downtown and what it means to them?

As everyone knows, downtown is rapidly growing again! They are honored and humbled to be a part of this exciting time and look forward to further growing into the kind of gym they believe will best serve the needs of our dynamic neighbors. Downtown to them is truly a community of hard-working entrepreneurs who believe Memphis is THE place.

Initiatives they are working on to make Memphis better:

They are currently working with the Downtown Memphis Commission to get downtowners out and walking during their lunch breaks! Called “Walk It Wednesdays,” its an opportunity for anyone to walk up and down Main Street, measuring their distance by using fun A-frame signs the DMC has provided. The signs are placed a quarter of a mile apart, and participants can win prizes by checking in and using specific hashtags.

They also host free self-defense training the third Saturday of every month. These hour and a half sessions focus on using your brain as your bodies best weapon, but they also cover easy to remember gross motor movement physical tactics. These classes are grounded in discovering what works to keep our loved ones and us safe.

Lastly, every Wednesday they have a run group at 6pm. This group is open to the public and usually runs around 3 miles. It’s fun, and all levels are welcome!!

How they define Pure Memphis:

Pure Memphis is determination. We do not shy away from hard work, and are solely focused on bettering our community. Memphis is so much more than Beale Street, blues, and BBQ. We are just here working hard every day, supporting each other, loving, hugging, high fiving and moving forward. We got this.