Who they are:

Red Deluxe Brand Development is a Memphis-based advertising agency that develops marketing strategy and campaigns for local and national clients, including the Memphis Grizzlies, Baptist Hospital, and – one of our favorites – Old Dominick Distillery. We also work across the country developing public service campaigns for national non-profits, and recently completed campaigns for Wounded Warrior Project and the American Lung Association that have generated close to $100 million in donated media space.

What downtown means to them:

We’ve been located in downtown Memphis since 2002. Today we sit right at the corner of Union and Main — if there’s a spot more in the center of downtown, we don’t know about it. Our business runs on creative energy, and the culture and density Downtown is an important part of that inspiration.

What they are doing to better Memphis:

Red Deluxe is involved with a long list of local causes. We have worked with Youth Villages – both as a client and a cause – for more than a decade, supporting their important work of giving every kid a family. We are currently developing the Riverline maps and signage for the Memphis Riverfront and the new wayfinding system for the Memphis Zoo, as well as pro bono projects for the Soulsville Foundation, Neighborhood Christian Centers, and poverty disruptor Slingshot Memphis.

How they define pure Memphis:

To us, Memphis is invention. Memphis is so authentic and quirky and sincere, it tells you to stretch out on whatever you have to say or do. It’s why Memphis has been and continues to be where we invent the next big thing.