Just steps away from our original building, Old Dominick’s 100-year-old story is back and ready to be shared. Our tour lets you see firsthand the dedication–and passion–put into every bottle. Experience our spirits for yourself and even learn recipes from our experts. See our state of the art distillery and learn about what makes Old Dominick and turn-of-the-century Memphis so special.

Making the Memphis Spirit

Distillery Tour


What's Included?

  • Full, guided tour of the distillery
  • Curated tasting
  • ‘Making the Memphis Spirit’ souvenir guidebook

Tour Description

Join the Old Dominick Distillery team and Domenico Canale’s spirit, while we share with you our stories, our traditions, give you a full tour of our extensive grain to glass spirit making facility and take you through a 45-minute sensory journey. We’ll finish with a tasting of Old Dominick’s fine spirits and a toast. We are looking forward to your visit and making new friends.

Tours start on the hour.